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We partner with South Africa’s best investment talent by becoming a strategic shareholder in their businesses.

RMI Investment Managers is a multi-affiliate investment management firm and is a 100% subsidiary of JSE listed investment holding company RMI Holdings.

Just like the hands of an artisan leave a unique signature on a product, so each of our affiliate managers have shaped their own unique investment process and philosophy. We recognise the importance of an independent vision when it comes to one’s craft, which is why, through our investments, we aim to facilitate and offer support rather than direct and interfere. In doing so, we are carving out the next generation of great investment management businesses and enabling them to reach their full potential.

We understand that active investment management can produce consistent out-performance if the following elements are in place:

  • a stable environment which frees investment professionals from unnecessary distractions and offer them independence and aligned incentives for superior investment performance;
  • clear and consistent investment processes; and
  • a high-calibre, experienced investment team focused on investment performance.

We are well-placed to be a shareholder and partner of choice for boutique investment managers whose passion and vision we believe in. We are ideal partners to help them reach their full potential, as we are independent, have patient and permanent capital and a solid reputation of backing entrepreneurs building businesses in financial services. Our Group has done this successfully with Discovery, OUTsurance and MMI, all of whom are now formidable financial services firms in South Africa.