There was a time when investment management was about more than just business.

When industry experts spent decades honing their skills and every successful investment decision was driven by a passion for the profession.

At RMI Investment Managers, we pride ourselves in bringing back these values, by introducing a new business model that allows boutique investment managers to focus on honing their craft.


We invest in and partner with South Africa’s best investment talent.

At RMI Investment Managers, we understand the hours, skills, tools and vision that are required to perfect a craft. We have seen first-hand that the craft of investment management requires years of dedicated focus, which is why we take a long-term approach to our investments.


As a 100% subsidiary of JSE listed RMI Holdings we are able to seek out the best investment talent in South Africa and aim to be a supportive, non-interfering, long-term shareholder. Our goal is to provide working and seed capital, strategic input, operational infrastructure and distribution capability to allow boutique investment professionals to focus on what’s really important – honing their craft and delivering superior investment performance.

RMI Investment Managers launched an affiliate investment manager

model in 2015, the first of its kind in South Africa.

Our current portfolio consists of 12 affiliates which span the asset class spectrum across active, passive, traditional and alternative investments. Their combined assets under management have grown significantly over the past 6 years and we are continuously inspired by and proud of our affiliates who continue to build their businesses with a high level of focus and determination.

Affiliates can partner with us in one of three ways:


Affiliates with established distribution
channels but see the value in a
strategic partnership
with RMI Investment Managers.



Affiliates that see value from having RMI as shareholder, as well as seeking a  non-exclusive distribution partnership 
with MMI.



A black-owned investment holding company that acquires equity in existing or new asset management firms with a strong focus on diversity.